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Our puppies

Reservations for puppies 2019

We are expecting puppies from Hip Hop Adia Avi and Fatima Ostrnov. If you are interested, please contact us via our e-mail.

Hip Hop Adia Avi Fatima Ostrnov

Pedigree of Fatima Ostrnov and link to kennel station Adia Avi

Puppies for sale end of September 2017

We just got two litter of airedales at the beginning of August 2017. Mothers are Fatima Ostrnov and Haikiki Ostrnov, father are are Hugaryan Betyar de Aire-Nimeyer and Jokyl Jumpin' for Gold respectively.

For those who are interested, send us an email for more information.

Parrents pedigree.
Jokyl Jumpin' for Gold Haikiki Ostrnov

Puppies born 13.11. 2014 for sale

Excellent temperament and exterior, suitable for both trainings and shows!

The puppies are chipped, vaccinated and dewormed.
Both parents have excellent show results!
Father jokyl Jumpin' for Gold: Champion of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Interchampion. Club champion of CZ and SK. Three times winner of Club show in Prague.
Mother Roxana Ostrnov: Champion of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Interchampion.
Write us an email for more information
Puppies in snow Puppies in snow Puppies in snow Puppies in snow Jokyl Jumpin' for Gold Roxana Ostrnov

Last female born 28.8. 2014 for sale

We affer a beautiful lady from Daisy Ostrnov and Jokyl Jumpin' for Gold. She has great temperament and good preconditions for both breeding and training!

Puppies of Airedales 1st September 2014

Our lovely Daisy Ostrnov has 8 little puppies borned at 1st September. Fater is our Jokyl Jumpin' for Gold. If you are interested send us an email. Puppie will be old enough for takeover at the end of October.
Jokyl Jumpin' for Gold Daisi Ostrnov

30.9. 2013 A Letter written by puppies

So there we are, but actually just a part of us. The rest is sleeping and also this bucket is too small for all of us, because we are TWELVE. We born at 4th September 2013 a je nás DVANÁCT. Our Mommy has hard times, although we are eating some milk from the bowl and also some "puppy" biscuits" Sometimes we get pretty hungry and then we want to drink from our mommy, but she don't want to. Maybe because he have TEETH! Yeah, that's right. We are predators

8th September 2013 Airedale terrier puppies born

We would like to inform you, that our bitch Roxana Ostrnov gave birth to beautiful puppies at tuesday 4th September. Father is Korado Ostrnov, son of Silverado Saredon, which problably our best stud dog ever. You can contact us via email.
erdel This is photograph one of our earlier puppy. Recent puppies are still very small, like little black rollers. So we decided not to take a picture of them. Maybe later. :-)

Puppies 20.2. 2012

puppies puppies puppies puppies
Author: Adam Knotek

Another photographs of our puppies on 26th January 2012 FOR SALE!

puppies puppies puppies puppies
Author: Adam Knotek

Westies. Born 23.12 2011

Author: Adam Knotek

Male (left) and female (right) have new home.

Parrents of the female puppy> Jokyl Jumpin for Gold and Otawa Ostrnov; Parrents of the male puppy > Jokyl Jumpin for Gold a Paola Ostrnov
štěňata štěňata
Autor: Adam Knotek

Puppies of airedale terrier

puppies puppies Jokyl Jumpin for Gold Otawa Ostrnov
Autor: Adam Knotek

Westies, puppies

We still have ONE MALE PUPPY. He already grew up a little, but he is still very cute. puppies puppies puppies puppies puppies puppies
Author: Adam Knotek

Airedale puppies, litter T and U, borned 7. a 8.august

Six days old puppies. Mother Olympia and Linda Ostrnov. Father (both litters) Terrier Band Showman štěňata štěňata
Autor: Adam Knotek
14:58 16/09/09

Airedaleterrier puppies january 2009 (sold)

Sire Terrier Band Showman
Dam Olympia Ostrnov Terrier Band Showman Olympia Ostrnov štěňata štěňata štěňata štěňata štěňata štěňata štěňata štěňata